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EV Charger Sharing
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Join to get £10 for test charging with Splash app

The Splash App

Splash is our solution dedicated to the ever-increasing demand for public EV charging. Our platform enables private EV charger sharing, unlocking wider access to charging devices anywhere you go.

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Pricing and schedule, all under control

Customise pricing for EV charging sessions based on your own electricity prices and benefit from competitive pricing compared to public chargers.


Provide users with the ability to reserve charging slots in advance, ensuring a seamless charging experience.


Gain ultimate control of your charger by remote control to turn on/off via your mobile device.

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EV Drivers

Explore expanded options in residential EV charging with a wider range of choices than ever before.


Experience enhanced affordability and increased availability, even in remote locations.


Hassle-free QR code verification for instant start to charging sessions.

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Monitor progress, manage costs, and pay automatically

View real-time data while you charge, including battery level, energy consumption and amount spent.


Automate EV charging transactions for a seamless, user-friendly experience. 


Instant payment confirmations provide transparent, detailed fee specification for peace of mind.

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EV Charger Owners

Join us to unlock the potential of idle home chargers with our convenient and customizable charger sharing feature.

Easily manage your charger's availability by setting personalised time slots. 

Set your own charger’s pricing by our tailorable pricing function.

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Earn and charge anywhere

Build your earnings with every charge. The more they charge, the more you earn.

Pay with credits earned at other private EV chargers on the Splash network.

View your balance with ease and withdraw your earnings anytime you need.

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Book with ease, mind at peace

Charging session is a breeze from start to end – Instantly book with no need for prior communication.

Discover the handiness of reserving charging sessions a week in advance with our app.

Take a moment to evaluate your cost estimates, factoring in both duration and energy consumption before confirming reservation.

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